Learning for Kids During COVID 19

It is without a doubt that COVID 19 has thrown most of us off track (even those of us who consider ourselves tough!)

Being thrown off track could range from: struggling to get on with the day due to no proper planning, to having to be a good parent and/or a good employee.

The changes in our life are now endless – The only constant being that we are all in it together. This outlook fits perfectly for online learning. Schools across the region have stepped up to the new challenge of online distance learning and from what we hear, they have adapted various ways to make the process as comfortable as possible for both parents and kids.

Some schools may not be doing as well, which in turn causes added frustration for parents, as sometimes, online learning might take some getting used to for both parents and kids.

While many schools have taken measures to ensure the continuity of academics, online learning has some challenges, like maintaining discipline, loss of social interaction between children, active engagement in academics and many more.

This global pandemic has impacted many lives. Parents are having to find ways to keep their children busy, academically responsible and also entertain them. How are you dealing with this?

We will soon be sharing our list of top learning resources, keep an eye out for that! In the meantime:

  1. Try making a schedule for your child so that they can get used to their new remote learning experience.
  2. Set up a space in your home which is just for remote learning, so that children can distinguish between this learning area and the rest of the house. They will slowly learn that in this area they are required to focus as if they were in a classroom.
  3. Remember to take some time out which include some playtime or just a relaxing snack. Incorporate some downtime where kids can have fun and are not constantly under the pressure of getting through assigned tasks.
  4. Follow their lead: If your child shows particular interest in one area of learning or a specific topic, then try and nurture that and go with the flow.
  5. Don’t forget to let the kids know that they are doing a good job! Maybe a small treat to look forward to at the end of each week?

Lastly, try to keep POSITIVE. This too shall pass, and you we will all come out of this period with valuable lessons!