Building Your Childs’ Social Skills at Home


It is highly doubtful that anyone expected 2020 to turn out the way it has. But ever since COVID- 19 has entered our lives, we are forced to reassess everything. These include holiday plans, lifestyle choices and even our parenting style.

Many parents are now beginning to worry about the effect that social distancing and quarantine may have on their child’s social development. For younger children the effects may not be as long lasting, as they could outgrow it and forget about it quickly, but for older children, peers and classmates are an integral part of their life.

Younger children may begin to love having their parents around 24/7, and form an even stronger attachment, while older children who are in the process of figuring out who they are and what they like, often need their friendships to help them develop and grow.

Instead of overthinking about this, try looking at this lockdown as an opportunity to reconnect as a family.

Give a few of the below ideas a try, and let us know how you get on:

  1. Set up a weekly cooking theme that the whole family can be a part of. It could be Mexican food night, Italian Pasta and Pizza or even a Baking Challenge! This way everyone has an event to look forward to.
  2. Try setting up video calls for your children with their friends. Simply leave the laptop in the living room at eye level with one of your child’s friends on the other end. You will see them interact in ways that you probably didn’t think possible. It doesn’t matter the age of the child, as each one will find their own way of new social interactions.
  3. Have a weekly game night. Each week one member of the family chooses what to play.
  4. Keep in touch with friends and families by doing online quizzes – you could have some questions that everyone in the family can do no matter their age.
  5. Let the older kids have some time for themselves, while they miss their peers, they may also feel some stress by constantly being surrounded by family.
  6. Maybe schedule an online exercise class with your child’s friends or help them set up mini challenges. Then, let them show it off to each other and talk about their experience.

Try some of these things and see if there is a change in your children’s behaviour and mood. If you find some ways that are your personal favourite hacks – share them with us!