Keep Sadness at Bay with Play


Please attribute to Dr Sarah Rasmi, Family Psychologist and Parenting Expert at Play:Date

Many expatriate families do not have access to the same level of social support that they would have in their home countries. As a result, many new parents begin to feel socially isolated and withdrawn when they have children. This loneliness is particularly pronounced if they do not have friends with children of the same ages or interests.ss

Dr. Sarah Rasmi, Family Psychologist and Parenting Expert at social application Play:Date, recommends organizing children’s playdates to overcome these issues.

  • Children get the opportunity to meet and connect, which can facilitate their cognitive and social development
  • Parents can connect with other parents, giving them the opportunity to swap stories and share concerns, which can be very comforting and beneficial
  • Over time, play dates can turn into social support networks. Establishing a community has a number of personal and professional benefits.

It is important to remember that social relationships are a necessity, not a luxury. Building long lasting friendships are good for both our physical and psychological health. For example, people with strong social